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About YKIT Consultancy

YKIT CONSULTANCY is a team of professionals gathered together in 2015. Their purpose is to allow small and medium enterprises to expand their business in the rapidly developing community and stay ahead of competition.

Many small and medium enterprises are faced with a shortage of funds, manpower and material resources caused by rising costs, therefore being unable to expand or even to continue to operate. YKIT's main goal is to help these small and medium enterprises to solve these problems.

YKIT have a professional team specializing in providing expertise, allowing the combination of traditional businesses and IT to improve efficiency, control costs and increasing the company's exposure to increase revenue.

YKIT teams have different expertise to provide different solutions for different types of customers (SMEs or large enterprises), and solve their different problems. So even if SMEs do not have their own dedicated accounting or technology department, they are still able to possess these capabilities when they cooperate with YKIT.

YKIT is able to provide professional accounting and technology support for our clients. We provide various business solutions such as accounting systems, retail systems, web design, web development, mobile app development, personalized system development, web hosting, servers and the like. Because YKIT know each client's needs are not the same, YKIT's dedicated professional team will design customised programs to address different customer requirements.

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